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Analytics - a key ingredient for Social Media Marketing

Analytics are a crucial ingredient in any successful social media marketing strategy.

By diving deep into data, one can understand how social posts are performing and make informed decisions.

Connecting Dots have put together some of the key metrics that can help you track and better understand your businesses/organisations social media performance:

  • Engagement: clicks, comments, likes, and replies on your posts

  • Reach: the number of users who have seen your most recent content

  • Impressions: the number of times a post from your profile or page was seen by users

  • Mentions: the number of times your profile's name has been mentioned in posts

  • Followers: the number of people who have clicked the Follow button on your account

  • Video views: the number of views your videos have received

  • Profile visits: the number of people who have visited your social profile or main page

  • Shares: the number of times users re-share your posts to their network

Tracking these metrics, can answer important questions about social media performance.

With increased digital tools focusing on analytics, it is way more easier to help one track and analyse social media data.

  • Hootsuite Insights: provides real-time analytics for social media performance

  • Google Analytics: tracks social media referrals to your website

  • Buffer Analyse: provides insights into your social media performance and audience engagement

  • Sprout Social: offers comprehensive social media analytics, including competitor analysis

Analytics are a key ingredient in any successful social media marketing strategy.

Connecting Dots can help you track and analyse data, to make informed decisions that can hugely improve your social media performance and achieve marketing objectives.

Partnering with Connecting Dots can assure your business and organisation a strong positioning with competitive edge.

Don't let the security and digital revolution pass you by.

Contact us today to learn more. Follow for detailed posts, articles and self-help guides.

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